Youth Ministries

Our youth ministry exists to reach non-believing students, to connect them with other Christians, to help them grow in their faith, and to challenge the growing to discover their ministry and honor God with their life.

Youth Staff

Our youth staff works hard to be God's hands and feet to the students and families we connect with. Our desire is that the youth ministry will work alongside parents to aid them in the spiritual development of their teenager. Our church staff wants to help equip and encourage parents during this important time of spiritual development in the lives of our students.

Sunday School

Our Youth Sunday School program provides students with a chronological study of God's Word. The goal of the Sunday School program is to move students beyond just knowing God's Word to understanding how it applies to their daily life. Youth Sunday School meets in the Activity Building at 9:45 am.

Wednesday Night

Wednesday nights, for our youth ministry, tend to be the largest gathering of the week. The Wednesday night program consists of corporate worship, small groups, and fellowship each week. Students are challenged through God's Word to become more Christ-centered in their lives as they grow into adulthood. Youth meet in the Activity Building from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. Dinner will be served before service begins.

Youth Events

Our youth ministry provides several special focused opportunities for our students to grow closer to Christ throughout the year. Disciple Now, Kick Start, Youth Camp and Missions Trips are all ministry events that provide students with opportunities of growth and service in their lives each year.


Just as with our church, mentoring is an important part of our student ministry. Mentors provide age and experience, gained through their own spiritual pilgrimage, to students in the mentoring process, supporting the students with a clearer understanding of the student's dreams and plans for their life. Adolescents are at a crucial times in their lives where mentoring is most needed and natural for development.